European Building Expert Card

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The EurBE card is a professional recognition that aims to promote the free circulation ofbuilding experts in Europe, so that companies, clients and public administrations canrecognize the skills of the professional.

Through the evaluation of training and professional experience, it is possible to ensurestandards of professionalism that guarantee safety, quality and consumer protection.



Mandatory Competences:  

  •  Comprehensive building knowledge

  • Construction Technology

  • Standards and regulations

  • Pathology and maintenance

  • Science of construction materials

  • Building and property law

  • Economics management


Optional Competences (two from five):

  • Structural Design

  • Building and Urban Design

  • Project Management

  • Land Surveying

  • Facility Management

In order to obtain the EurBE card, the candidate must justify his / her knowledge and skills ineach of the competences, through the application provided in, the information willbe reviewed by the NMC (National Monitoring Committee).

The NMC will be in charge of evaluating the applications received. It will dictate thosecandidates that deserve the accreditation, which will be sent to the EMC (European MonitoringCommittee) for validation.



  • Improve professional mobility

  • Have a quality badge

  • Recognize your competencies by a prestigious European Body

Necessary requirements

  • Be member of any professional association within AEEBC

  • Have relevant professional experience

  • Maintain an up-to-date and continuous training


The cost of the initial evaluation process, including the fee for the first five years, is € 140 (VAT not included).